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HÜCO Fuel pump relays

Fuel pump relays are compulsory safety units for any vehicle. The fuel pump of the vehicle is switched on via the relay when starting the car’s engine.

The electronic circuit of the relay checks if the motor is running. In case the motor is suddenly switched off, e.g. in case of an accident, the relay will cut the power supply to the fuel pump within 1-2 seconds.

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HÜCO Glow plug relays

Glow plug relays are used in diesel driven passenger cars. A glow plug relay switches on the necessary electric current of the glow plugs prior
to starting the engine.

Various pre-heating control times are required according to the type of vehicle. Pre-heating times are dependent of outside air temperature
and motor temperature. Glow plug relays monitor these factors and will control the pre-heating time of the glow plugs in accordance of the

Newer vehicle models will also switch on the glow plugs in certain
situations during operation of the car.

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