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HÜCO Ignition Modules

Ignition Modules are an integral part of the engine management system. This consists of at minimum, the Hall effect sensor or impulse generators, the ignition module, the ignition coil and spark plugs.

When there is a faulty signal from the ignition module, you can experience misfires, "stuttering" of the engine or a total failure. In these cases, they must be replaced against a new part. A repair is usually not possible because the parts themselves are too complex. Ignition Modules can be divided into two sub-groups "Amplifier" and "Pick-up/Hall" systems.

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The amplifier consists of different internal power transistors switching the primary current feeding the ignition coil. Transistors limit both the primary current as well as the primary voltage in order to avoid defects of the ignition system.

Amplifiers are either an integral part of the the ”ECU” or alternatively, mounted within the engine compartment (mostly in combination with an ignition coil). In this location, the module must withstand enormous variations in temperature, vibration and humidity, with under hood temperatures easily reaching 50°C / 122° F.

Coupled with the heat naturally generated by the module itself, it must withstand this hostile environment and still perform to specifications.The resulting heat has to be carried off quickly by cooling sheets.

Pick-up and hall systems
This type of pick-up is based on the hall system receiving input signals from a transmitter. They recover the signal on an internal basis and then forward it to the internal amplifier or external amplifier. Ignition modules are very complex, sensitive electronic components, which often fail due to enormous internal load rates and certain external influences.

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